In recent years, Cat Ba island has been considered as the pearl of the Tonkin Gulf and Vietnam Northern tourism in general. Cat Ba is emerging as an attractive destination for both domestic and international tourists thanks to its abundant resources such as Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba National Park, Cat Ba Island, Fishing Villages on the island, etc. Seizing these advantages, Sun Group, one of the leading groups in leisure tourism in Vietnam, has built Cat Ba cable car project. This is the longest cable car in the world connecting Cat Hai to Cat Ba island.

1. Briefing of Cat Ba Tourism Development

Located in Cat Hai commune, Hai Phong city about 160 km far from Hanoi, Cat Ba consists of 367 islands, especially Cat Ba island which is the most attractive site in this area. Several highlighted attractions in Cat Ba island visitors shouldn’t miss when visiting this beautiful island are Monkey island, Trekking through pristine jungles in Cat Ba National Park, Viet Hai fishing village, and of course Lan Ha Bay which is a perfect alternative of Halong Bay.

In 2018, the number of tourist arrivals to Cat Ba island increased by 30% compared to more than 2.8 million tourists including about 608,000 international visitors. It is predicted that the number of visitors coming to Cat Ba will grow significantly because the new expressway Hanoi-Hai Phong has been operating, therefore, it only takes around 2 hours and a half instead of nearly 4 hours to travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba. Moreover, it also saves plenty of time when the longest bridge across the sea was inaugurated in 2017 connecting Cat Hai and Hai Phong city.

2. The Utopian Cable Car of Cat Ba: Impossible Things Become Possible.

Before the Cat Ba Cable Car was built, the only way to reach Cat Ba island is to take a ferry from Got Pier to Cai Vieng Pier, then you have to take a taxi or drive to the island center. During the peak season of Cat Ba Tourism in summer when so many people go to this island, the ferry is usually overloaded. Therefore, visitors have to wait for hours due to traffic congestion in front of the Got pier. However, the operation of Cat Ba cable car will definitely solve this problem.

See Cat Ba Island from the cable car
Enjoy the panoramic view of Cat Ba National Park, Cat Hai Bay, the most beautiful

Cat Ba Cable Car is 21 km long in total, so it becomes the longest cable car in the world with 5 main stations connecting Cat Hai to Cat Ba including Cat Hai- Phu Long – Cat Ba National Park – Cat Don- Cat Ba town. In particular, the three-wire cable car route of Cat Hai – Phu Long with a capacity of 5,500 passengers / 1 hour will be the largest cable car in the world. What’s more, is that the first route from Cat Hai- Phu Long stretches 3955m, including the world’s highest cable car abutment with a height of 214,8 m from the ground.

The Cat Ba cable car has a total investment of 2207 billion VND. Besides the massive cable car system, Sun Group’s project in Cat Ba also develops facilitating constructions such as golf, safari, transportation, 5-star accommodation, entertainment center, so on. After the whole project is finished, Cat Ba will be a new promising tourism hub in North Vietnam.

3. How much to take Cat Ba Island Cable Car?

Until May 2020, Cat Ba Cable Car has not been completed yet, but the first route Cat Hai – Phu Long will be launched soon with the ticket price of VND 150,000 (USD 6.5) per adult and VND 100,000 (USD 4.3) per child. This reasonable price is for both domestic tourists and international tourists, and subject to change once the whole plan is completed.

4. A guide to use Cat Ba cable car

Cat Ba cable car is expected to be inaugurated on 13th May 2020- the liberation day of Hai Phong city. After being operated, the cable car from Cat Hai to Cat Ba center is divided into different sub-routes.

Route 1: The sub-route Cat Hai – Phu Long

Passing the longest Tan Vu – Lach Huyen bridge across the sea in Vietnam to the ticket booth of Cat Hai station (next to Got pier). You buy a ticket, move the cable car to Phu Long station (Phu Long station is near Cai Vieng pier).

From Phu Long station, tourists continue to travel by car, tram … along the road to the center of Cat Ba Island.

Route 2: The sub-route Phu Long – Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cat Ba. It is well known for primeval forests and many rare plants and animals. Tourists visiting Cat Ba National Park can choose routes to visit Kim Giao forest – Ngu Lam peak – Trung Trang cave …

Route 3: The sub-route Cat Ba National Park – Cat Don station

From Cat Ba National Park, tourists move to Cat Don station. Cat Don features a long beach. Located 100 meters from the beach, Cat Don Site maintains artifacts dating from 2500 years to 2700 years.

Route 4: The sub-route Cat Don – Cat Ba Town

After visiting Cat Don, you move to the end of Cat Ba cable car station. The cable car route will take visitors to the center of Cat Ba Island.

Route 5: The main route Cat Hai – Cat Ba Town

This is the longest route transferring from Cat Hai to Cat Ba island center where you can easily access to other services.

5. The family of Cat Ba cable car managed by Sun Group

Fansipan Cable Car in Sapa

This cable car has two Guinness records: The three-wire cable car has the biggest difference in height between departure station and arrival station (1,410 m) and the world’s longest three-wire cable car (6,292.5 m).

Queen Cable Car in Halong

The Queen cable car was awarded two Guinness records including the world’s largest cabin, reaching the capacity of 230 people/cabin and the cable car with the world’s highest cable abutment, about 188.88m high above the ground.

Ba Na Cable Car in Danang

This massive construction broke 4 Guinness World Records: The longest cable car (5,771.61m). The cable car has the highest difference between departure and arrival stations in the world (1,368.93m). Cable routes have a total length of cables (11,587m). The cable car has the heaviest cable line weight in the world (141.24 tons).