Booking & Cancellation

1.How to find a tour in our website?
From the field “Our tours” on the homepage, you can find some different tour source, you can go to each individual tour style to find the best itinerary you want or just simply click to “our tours” then all tours will appear for you to choose. Or from our main website, you fill in the destination you want to go and you click on search, then some tours will appear for you to choose: For example, to find a city tour for a day in Hanoi you can follow: From Field “Our Tours” you can see some tour recommendation, you select “ A Memorable Day with Hanoi Full-Day City Tour” Departure,Number of guests: number of adults, children, infants… Or you just put “ Hanoi” as destination in our main home page and you click search, there are several tours for you to select
2.How to make a reservation?
After choosing the tour matching your requirement, please click on the tour and fill in criteria: Date, number of adults, children, infant… then choose “Book now”. You will see a screen with totals of expenses. You can pay directly or later by bank transfer. If choosing payment later our consultant will contact you for further assistance. Please fill in the correct information, especially the email address and phone number so that we can contact you to process the booking. Once finishing filling the information, click the "Submit" button to send the request to us. Note: An automatic email will be sent to your email address and our salespeople will soon contact you regarding the reservation.
3.How to book hotels?
As we do not have instant confirmation of hotels so please choose the hotel you want and fill in detailed information: name, check in and out date, number of people.... Our salesperson will check availability and contact you via email or phone to inform room status.
4.How to cancel a reservation?
Official cancellation is an email sent to our email address. Cancellation via phone or verbal is considered as invalid one.

Pricing & Payment

1.What is included in the price?
Our price is including taxes and service charge but it is not including the bank fee. Kindly check carefully as we will mention clearly the inclusion and exclusion in each tour All the rate is in USD (US dollar) for one person or group. Once you book a tour, our team will reach you to provide additional information, give you some travel advice or even we can help you to consult a tour with your budget and designed itinerary. Once you want to travel with us, we will provide you a tour confirmation letter where you can find tour details.
2.Do I need to pay the deposit?
The deposit is required to guarantee your reservation (cruises, tours,hotel, transfer…) After receiving your deposit we’re going to reserve the service for you. So the deposit is required to secure your booking. Normally 30% of total cost will be required for deposit at the booking time. For some urgent case or special types of promotion, we will require full payment at the booking time

Chidren policy

1.How is policy for children?
The price for children depends on the age of your children, policy of accommodation and the tour. Normally children from 12 years above will be considered as adults, children from 6 to 11 years old, infants below 5 years old. In order to know exactly how much you will be charged for your children, please fill the number of children and choose "Book now". The system will show how much will be charged for your children with each kind of accommodation. Or you can ask our consultants for more details.


1. What should I wear when visiting religious sites?
It’s essential to learn about the culture and customs of a country to avoid unpredictably embarrassing situations. You can wear casual clothes that show your shoulders and knees everywhere in Vietnam apart from entering religious sites: a prayer building (temple or pagoda) or other specific places (Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum…). When visiting religious sites and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum it’s important that you show respect. You should dress modestly to keep your body covered. Remember to remove your hat and footwear when entering a temple or pagoda.
2.When is the best time to travel to Vietnam?
The best time to visit Vietnam is from Jan - April and from September - Decembber. This is high-season in Vietnam for travelers. The reason people choose this time is the stability of climate. However nowadays, a lot of people decide to travel in low season (May - Jul) to minimize the cost as normally accommodation will be much cheaper during this period. People often avoid travelling during Lunar Tet New Year as price increases remarkably: flight ticket, tour guide, transportation... However, There is new trend to travel to The Northern areas of Vietnam to experience the festival atmosphere and how people in the mountainous areas celebrate this special event is an unforgettable moments.
3.Should I start in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) or Hanoi?
Starting from Hanoi or HCM city is according to the destination you are coming from. If you are from Singapore, traveling to HCM city is closer to Hanoi so you can start your tour from HCM city. But if you start traveling or transit from Hongkong to Vietnam you can start your tour from Hanoi. Please contact our team at: for the best consultance.
4. How long in Vietnam should I go for?
It is subject to the time and purpose of you. If you just want to travel to Vietnam once and long after you do not want to come back, you should take a long holiday from North to South and including Central Vietnam, it takes you about 10-16 days. If you want to discover Vietnam in some different ways and several times, you can select the short tour: North, South, Central or some high-lights which will take you about 3-7 days.

Meaning of Seeasiatravel, what we differ compared to other tour company

1. Why do we choose the name Seeasiatravel?
Welcome valued customers to come, explore and feel Asian countries’ beauty , culture including Vietnam. We will be a reliable companion beside you during the trip.
2.How are you different from other tour companies?
Service from heart: We have strong roots experience in hospitality and tourism so we fully understand that best service is from heart. We want to use our knowledge of service industry, our owned facilities to serve our travelers, to fulfil your desires and make your trip unforgettable one Customer-driven:We spend time to understand and customize customer’s needs to bring them dedicated personalized service. Each trip is not only an experience, but also “WOW” moments. Our success is measured by your satisfaction. Innovative: understanding that Innovation will bring additional value for customers so Seeasiatravel encourages unceasingly creativeness to bring you new feelings and more choice.