During the vacation in Hanoi, most tourists are interested in visiting Van Phuc Silk Village which is well-known as a traditional silk village of Hanoi. This village is so famous that its name has gone into the poetry and music songs as a beautiful traditional village of Vietnam. Passing through more than a thousand years of development, Van Phuc Silk Village has attracted tourists with its unique embroidery patterns. In this article, See Asia Travel team is pleased to provide you with highlighted information about this beautiful village, from which it is more convenient for you to plan your tour to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Location and History of Van Phuc Silk Village

Van Phuc Silk Village, formerly named Ha Dong Silk Village, is located about 10 kilometres far from the center of Hanoi. According to the remaining ancient documents, the village had started with silk-weaving in the 9th century.

In 1931, the silk of Van Phuc was first brought to the international market and was regarded as the most high-level products in the area of Indochina.

In 1958, Van Phuc silk was exported to European countries and then has been sold to other countries around the world so far.

Despite the process of urbanization over the years, Van Phuc Village has still remained the typical features of peaceful countryside with wells, ancient trees, and local markets.

Nowadays, there are nearly 800 households in Van Phuc Silk Village. The village is now spacious with many stores in the sidewalks and silk streets which attract a large number of visitors. Tourists are welcomed to visit the Van Phuc Village at any time of the year.

Characteristics of Van Phuc Silk

Among many kinds of silk in the market, Van Phuc Silk always keeps itself at a high level. The silk is weaved from natural material under the skillful hands of the artisans, which has created delicate and perfect strips of silk. There are various selections of colors, types, durability, and beauty. In addition, Van Phuc Silk is decorated symmetrically with liberal and definitely lines. It can be said that Van Phuc Silk has reached the top of excellence and quality.

One day in Van Phuc Silk Village

Tourists who visit Hanoi should spend one day to discover the traditional beauty of Van Phuc Village.

When you come to the village, you can go to the left side of the big gate to visit Van Phuc Pagoda. Immerse yourself into the peaceful view of the wooden bridge, the pond of the lotus flowers, and the ancient banyan tree.

After leaving the ancient pagoda, you will see a map of the village which guides you where to visit. The village is not too big, so it is not too difficult for you to find the walking way.

Following the instruction of the map, you will reach the “Cultural Tourism and Shopping” area. Here you learn more about the process of making a silk product. Afterward, you can shop around the market to buy some high-quality silk products before returning to the “See you again” gate.

For the best experience, you should go with a tour guide who will help you have new discovery in Van Phuc Silk Village.

How to get to Van Phuc Silk Village from Hanoi Center?

The village is located in Ha Dong District in the southwest of Hanoi. If you drive yourself to the village, you must follow Nguyen Trai Street to reach the Ha Dong post office, then turn right and you may recognize the signal of Van Phuc Village.

Another way is to take a taxi and the driver will take the responsibility of transferring you to the village.

In case of your book a day tour to Van Phuc Silk Village with us, you are taken care of all services and transportation for the whole day.

See Asia Travel hopes that you have got the brief information on Van Phuc Village which are useful enough for you to make a plan of discovering the traditional beauty of Vietnam.