Where is Lan Ha Bay?

Lan Ha Bay is located to the southern Halong Bay and belongs to Halong Bay Zone which includes 03 bays: Halong Bay in the middle, Bai Tu Long Bay to the north and Lan Ha Bay to the south. Lan Ha Bay covering an area of more than 7,000 ha is under the management of Hai Phong Province while Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay belong to the administration of Quang Ninh Province. These three bays share a similar climate, scenery of limestone karsts, geological and cultural characters. Therefore, the locals and tourists can explore Lan Ha Bay as a part of the Halong Bay Zone.

Is this a good idea to visit Lan Ha Bay?

Definitely yes! Lan Ha Bay is still pristine with its naturally well-preserved scenery. There are a large number of limestone islands, caves, beaches in Lan Ha Bay, in which many of them have still been untouched and with non-official names. If you are interested in adventuring the new things, Lan Ha Bay is a great place to head to.

Having been in tourism industry for many years, Halong Bay is now crowded and touristic because of its reputation as one of seven World Heritage Sites, while Lan Ha Bay, with a similar scene, is more peaceful and cleaner. So if the reputation is not your priority, its off-the-beaten-track sister will be an ideal place to push yourself towards a visit. Heading to the primitive Lan Ha Bay, you can experience kayaking, cruising, cycling around the village, fishing, and swimming (you will have a chance to jump from the boat into the blue water of the bay, which you cannot do in Halong Bay.) Besides, Lan Ha Bay features more than one hundred small sandy beaches among the real rocky islets attracting you to immerse yourself into its beauty.

One more reason why visiting Lan Ha Bay is a good idea is because of the price for a visit. If you choose to join an overnight cruise in Lan Ha Bay, what you pay is less but what you receive is more in comparison with staying one night in Halong Bay. Most of the cruises in Lan Ha Bay are new and provide 4-star or 5-star services at a lower cost than in Halong Bay.

Put a consideration into making a plan to Lan Ha Bay, and you will have the best experience on your holiday trip than ever before.

Which routes for a cruise trip to Lan Ha Bay?

Joining an overnight cruise is the best way to take a deep insight into the beauty of Lan Ha Bay. Within two or three days on a cruise, you have enough time to explore all highlights of the bay through a variety of activities. If you do not have much time for an overnight cruise, you can choose a day cruise instead; seven to eight hours on board with interesting activities can make your fantastic day.

Below is an example itinerary for 2 days 1 night in Lan Ha Bay:

Day 1: Hanoi – Lan Ha Bay – Dark and Bright Cave

At around 09.00 am – 09.30 am, you will be picked up by the cruise’s Limousine bus, then you will transfer on the highway to Got Pier. It takes you only 2.5 hours to reach there by driving on the highway.

Upon your arrival, you will complete the check-in process and get your cabin onboard. It’s time for you to relax before having lunch in the dining room.

In the afternoon, you visit Dark and Bright Cave on a bamboo boat that is rowed by the locals or using a kayak. Dark and Bright Cave is like a lake surrounding by limestone cliffs. This is a chance to admire the real rock formations here at a very close distance. If you are fortunate, you can see the animals dancing on the rocky mountains. Then you can swim in private calm water. You are allowed to jump from the boat to get high feelings of refreshing yourself.

At 17.00, you will return to the cruise for a sunset party on the sundeck. If you visit the bay on a sunny day, you should not miss out on this magnificent view. Let’s take some beautiful photos to keep this moment.

After that, you will have a romantic dinner before having a goodnight’s sleep in your luxurious cabin.

Day 2: Tra Bau Area – Got Pier – Hanoi

Start your day by doing Tai Chi exercises or yoga on the sundeck while admiring the sunrise over the limestone cliffs. Breakfast is served at around 07.00 am – 07.30 am.
Afterward, you will visit a small floating farm at Tra Bau Area. Here you can do kayaking for further exploration, and you can interact with the locals to know more about the legend of this area and Lan Ha Bay.

Return to the cruise at around 09.30 for packing your luggage and check out your cabin. Let’s take your leisure time on the sundeck to enjoy the fresh air of this beautiful seascape before we have a brunch and disembark to the pier.

You will back to Hanoi at around 14.30 – 15.00.

If you book for a 3-day 2-night itinerary, you can have one more day to cycle around Viet Hai Village and see the real traditional village in Vietnam. As mentioned above, Lan Ha Bay is still pristine and worth to visit.

How to get to Lan Ha Bay

The most convenient way to get to Lan Ha Bay is from Hanoi – normally your first destination in Northern Vietnam. From Hanoi, you can take a bus to Dinh Vu Port with some transport companies such as Hoang Long Bus, Cat Ba Express, or Inter Bus Lines.

If you find it difficult and want an easier way, you can look for a package to visit Lan Ha Bay. Nowadays, it is very popular to get access to a travel company and book an overnight cruise visiting Lan Ha Bay in advance. Most of the cruises in Lan Ha Bay are luxurious and offer good services from the round-way transfer to comfortable facilities onboard, which promises to bring unforgettable experience on your holiday trip.